At Turn 7 Media we utilise Phase One’s Capture One photo editing software for the processing of our photos. 

To streamline our processes, once the photos we wish to keep are imported into Capture One, we then run a standard “style” over all the photos depending on what event it is, the client, night, day, etc. 

All of our key clients have their own style which we utilise for all their photos to keep consistency.

We also have style packs we develop in-house such as the below style pack for “Burnout Events” which contains various styles that we would use to release photos depending upon the content of the photo. 

Style packs are best utilised when you don’t utilise many of the inbuilt auto options of the camera such as white balance, exposure, ISO etc so you control exactly what image gets produced straight out of the camera.

Check out the below styles we use for burnout events and let us know which one is your favourite.

Coming in the next few months we will be releasing some Capture One style packs for Capture One users, including ones for automotive photo shoots, action sports and portraits.

The Original Image

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